Masonry Balustrades

  • Masonry Balustrades
  • Masonry Balustrades
  • Masonry Balustrades
  • Masonry Balustrades
  • Masonry Balustrades
  • Masonry Balustrades
  • Masonry Balustrades
  • Masonry Balustrades
  • Masonry Balustrades
  • Masonry Balustrades
  • Masonry Balustrades
  • Masonry Balustrades
  • Masonry Balustrades
  • Masonry Balustrades

Balustrade is installed for providing support and protection from slipping the stairs. This is why the primary material should have enough strength and there is nothing stronger that masonry work.

Masonry balustrades are being widely used for residential and commercial purposes and it looks perfect either you build it indoor or outdoor on your property. Masonry balustrades are durable than other materials and it doesn't require expensive maintenance work. The places where hundreds of people are supposed to use stairs, masonry balustrades are installed including public building and subway stations.

Masonry balustrades are usually built with bricks, stones and concrete pillars that are constructed on site or in some other place.

Why choose Masonry Balustrades?

  • The most important benefit of using masonry balustrades is that you can design it in the exact same way as the interior or exterior design of your building.
  • Masonry balustrades provide more strength as compared to steel or aluminium balustrades but it's cheaper than those materials.
  • It's easier to build masonry balustrades as per the required size and you don't need to cut or weld anything.
  • There won't be any gaps in between the masonry balustrades so it provides more safety and protection to the users.
  • It's possible to install architectural designs and molding in masonry balustrades.
  • Masonry balustrades don't require any periodic maintenance so you can install it and it will be useful for decades.
  • Even if you don't want to build the balustrade on site, you can buy ready-made masonry posts and navels for balustrade purposes.
  • It's very easy to repair if any part of this balustrade is damaged without demolishing or replacing the whole railing.
  • It can be used for all purposes and any kind of site i.e. inside, outside, and residential or commercial purposes.

Masonry balustrades have functional as well as decorative purposes. They are placed on the railings of buildings, banisters and handrails to give them aesthetic appeal while acting as barriers to prevent falls and slipping through the space between railings.

Masonry is an umbrella term for construction materials laid in and bound together by an adhesive mortar. They've been used for years to build different kinds of structures and are known to be fire proof, sound proof, durable and attractive.

Masonry balustrades are still used extensively in modern times with additional reinforcement to make up for the innate weaknesses masonry structures have, like better structural stability during earthquakes.

Features and Benefits

  • Masonry balustrades are sturdy materials with no risk for corrosion or decay.
  • Little to no maintenance required and easy to clean.
  • Masonry balustrades' solid structure can also provide you with privacy.
  • Attractive in their own right; some masonry materials are better being left.
  • Masonry balustrades are fire proof, sound proof and pest proof.
  • Improves home and property value.


  • Concrete masonry balustrades:  A more readily available and affordable masonry material, concrete is both durable and versatile to suit any client's needs and design flairs.
  • Brick masonry balustrades:  Bricks are classical building materials and have a natural attractiveness that makes them appealing to home buyers. They are also good natural thermo regulators.
  • Stone masonry balustrades:  You can have custom renditions on stone made balustrades to add a personal touch to your balcony or railing.

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